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Marriage Plan

Love, Commitment, and Financial Flourish: Unite your dreams with our marriage investment plan, a foundation for a lifetime of shared happiness and financial harmony.

10-12% historical growth

Craft Your Dream Wedding and Begin Your Journey Together

No lock-in

How much do you need for your child's marriage?

Parents aspire to a memorable wedding for their child, demanding astute financial planning. Our advisors personalize strategies, considering your risk tolerance and preferences, to proactively save and make this dream a reality without undermining your financial security.

Why choose this goal?
  • The primary objective of this goal is to safeguard your retirement plans from being impacted by the financial burden of your children's wedding expenses.
  • To prevent falling into the trap of taking unplanned personal loans, especially for meeting your children's wedding expenses.
  • Acknowledging the impact of inflation, this goal will enable you to accurately project the future cost of the wedding.

My child's marriage plan