While you're making investments for the future, let's explore additional possibilities.





Why choose NiveshStar? 🌟

You may find numerous reasons to choose Nivesh Star over other mutual fund distributors; here are a few of them:

Unbiased and transparent ✨

A good and successful business always strives for transparency. We believe in it from the bottom of our hearts. Therefore, you shall never find any hidden factors in any of our policies. With the same transparency and unbiased nature of our business, we strive for excellence in all aspects.

    Need-specific portfolios 🎯

    There is a wide variety of mutual funds. Therefore, you need to be specific when you invest in them, which may require research. Nivesh star sticks to its name and gives you precisely what you aim at achieving.

      Tax-minimizing investments 💰

      Knowing the best practices for tax returns can help you save many funds. It is one aim with which we began our endeavor of Nivesh star. Investing in mutual funds can help you with the said purpose.

        How does Nivesh Star help you to progress towards your goals? 🚀

        We understand that mutual funds are multifaceted entities. What works for one person may not work for you which is why we have come up with different portfolios to help you. Therefore, you have the power to decide how your funds function – the risks, the returns, it is all under your control!

          Our smart Portfolio 📈

          At Nivesh Star, we assist you in selecting the right set of portfolios according to your risk appetite. Take a look at our mutual fund portfolios

            Fixed-Income portfolio 💼

            A fixed-income investment strategy aims at yielding returns from low-risk securities with a fixed coupon rate. A fixed income portfolio generally comprises Certificates of Deposits (CDs), Corporate-issued bonds, Treasury bills, Government-issued bonds, etc. These are typically low-risk securities with ascertained coupon rates. Besides, a Fixed-income portfolio carries the least risk against credit risk and interest rate fluctuations. It has better taxation benefits compared to fixed deposits. Therefore, this scheme can help if you are looking for the following features,

            • Low-risk investment ✅
            • No lock-in period 🔒
            • Holding period of investment less than two years ⏳
            • Tax saving product compared to fixed deposits Instruments 💸

            Goal-oriented Portfolio 🎯

            A goal-oriented investment relies on your strategy to achieve your future financial goals without risk. It can be a short-term or long-term goal and can have varying durations. At Nivesh star, we help you select ideal goal-oriented investment solutions for achieving your financial expectations. With our assistance, you can choose various mutual funds with different investment objectives to reach your monetary goals. Our portfolio has a result-oriented fund selection process based upon our brilliant in-house research model. Here is how it works:

            • We help you make a disciplined investment through monthly SIPs and periodic portfolio rebalances ✔️.
            • Our goal-based investment plan helps you limit the debt usage you would have used for property purchase, buying a vehicle, children’s education and marriage, etc. Moreover, our goal-based investing solutions help you attain financial security and increase your savings by reducing non-discretionary spending 💪.