Our Story

With over fifteen years of experience in the investment field, Nivesh Star is dedicated to ensuring risk adjusted superior returns on investments. Our expertise in the industry assures to have a positive impact on your portfolio. Whether you have a substantial or modest investment, we are here to support you in all your investment endeavors. We provide a comprehensive range of services, allowing you to choose the one that best aligns with your investment style and objectives. Each service comes with its own unique features and benefits.

To simplify your decision-making process, our services can be categorized into different areas that cater to various aspects of your financial needs. From retirement planning to saving for children's future, tax planning to building long-term wealth, to credit card selection, we offer a diverse range of services that streamline and enhance your financial well-being.

In the envisioned future, wealth goes beyond money and encompasses holistic well-being and personal growth. It is a world where people are empowered to pursue their passions, work-life balance is prioritized, and technology is leveraged for betterment. By making conscious choices today, we can shape desired future of true wealth, progress, and fulfillment.

Our Amazing Team

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Swati Goyal

Swati Goyal, an MBA graduate and certified mutual fund distributor from the National Institute of Securities Markets, possesses a strong desire to assist clients in reaching their financial objectives. With a combination of specialized knowledge and personalized care, I provide a distinctive approach. Collaborating with you, I aim to transform your aspirations into tangible achievements. Feel free to connect with me and embark on the journey to fulfill your financial dreams today.

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CA Swati Agarwal

A qualified Indian Chartered Accountant with 11 years of professional experience in managing responsibilities related to auditing, taxation, accounting and journal entry adjustments, having a strong hold in maintaining accounting records, developing budget estimates, implementing procedures and formulating key reports to exercise financial control thus enhancing overall efficiency of the organization.

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Chirag Gupta

An MBA from IIM Bangalore in Finance with a research background in Physics. I have since learned Finance both from a practical and theoretical standpoint by clearing CFA and have a sound understanding of portfolio management and mutual fund selection. Hoping to democratize this for the masses.