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Child Education Plan

Planting Seeds of Future Success: Nurture your child's dreams with our tailored investment plan, ensuring a bountiful harvest of education and opportunities.

10-12% historical growth

Prepare for higher education costs

No lock-in

How much do you need for your child's education?

For the past decade, the education of children has consistently held the highest position among the financial objectives of Indians. Despite its undeniable significance to parents, the expenses associated with children's education present a significant apprehension

Why choose this goal?
  • The expense of obtaining a higher education is currently steep and experiencing an annual increase of 10-12%.
  • Given the considerable rate of inflation in education costs, it becomes imperative for compounding to operate in your favor over an extended duration.
  • By the time your child is prepared for college, you'll have the appropriate funds in place, ensuring you won't be overwhelmed by the substantial expenses of education.

My child’s education plan